What to do if you have an outage?

We are striving at the Swan's Island Electric Cooperative to make our electric service one of your most dependable purchases.  Our goal is to make power interruptions infrequent and brief, but there are times, due to the weather and acts of nature, when your service will be interrupted.


When the power is off:

1.     Check the circuit breakers in your service box panel.   Reset any tripped circuit breakers to the "on" positions.   


If you have a main disconnect switch below your meter box check it to see if it has tripped. If so, switch it to the "on" position.


2.    If you have no power at all, check with nearby neighbors to see if they are without power also. This will help determine is the trouble is caused by the transformer serving you or if there is a line outage.


3.     If you have not found the trouble, call Swan's Island Electric Cooperative.  Be sure to give your name and location.  Call the cooperative as soon as the trouble is discovered.


4.     For all service outages call: 526-4336.  If it is after normal business hours call the manager's cell phone 207-479-0657 or SIEC first responder's cell at 207-479-0658.


Please keep in mind that safety will dictate how we restore power and consequently the length of the outage. We have the capacity on island to shut down and make basic repairs, however, there will be problems that will require off-island expertise to correct. We ask for your understanding and patience.